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For sure that you have need to have your documents as pdf files any time, but you didn't know how to create them.

Now it is really easy thanks to this marvelous pdf creator. You don't have to know about programming or being an expert in the fields of computers, you only need to have your document in a printable format.

First of all, install All2PDF Pdf Creator, then, once you have selected the file you want to have as .pdf file, you only have to open it and select "print". After the installation, there will be a new printer in your system, the printer name is ActMask Document Converter, it is not a real printer, but works like a printer, choose it as the printer you want to use, then it will appear a window where you will be able to write the desired name and, if you want, modify the output format for your file.

Once you have done this, just click on 'print' and it will create your file with the desired name and you will find it just in the folder you selected.

So easy, now you can have your pdf files with only two clicks, no matter if you are a novice user.

It also converts your files into image formats (JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, TGA, PCX, EMF, or SPL).


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